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  • check — check; check·a·ble; check·age; check·er·ist; check·er·man; check·ers; check·hook; check·less; check·row·er; re·check; un·check; check·mate; coun·ter·check; …   English syllables

  • ble — ab·di·ca·ble; abom·i·na·ble; abus·a·ble; ac·ces·si·ble; ac·com·mo·da·ble; ac·cost·a·ble; ac·cu·mu·la·ble; ac·cus·a·ble; ace·to·sol·u·ble; achie·va·ble; acid·i·fi·a·ble; ac·knowl·edge·a·ble; act·a·ble; ac·ti·va·ble; ac·tu·al·iz·a·ble; add·a·ble;… …   English syllables

  • dou|ble-check — «DUHB uhl CHEHK», verb, noun. –v.t., v.i. to check twice: »to double check a report, to double check for factual errors. Local police, who double checked, decided he could go his way (Time). –n. a check of something twice: »to make a double check …   Useful english dictionary

  • curb´a|ble — curb1 «kurb», noun, verb. –n. 1. Also, especially British, kerb. a raised border, especially one of concrete or stone, along the edge of a pavement or sidewalk, or around the top of a well; coaming: »He parked his car close to the curb. 2. an… …   Useful english dictionary

  • re|strain´a|ble — re|strain «rih STRAYN», transitive verb. 1. to hold back; keep down; keep in check; keep within limits: »She could not restrain her curiosity to see what was in the box. He restrained the excited dog when guests came. History shows that very few… …   Useful english dictionary

  • double-check — dou′ble check′ v. t. v. i. 1) to check again, as to verify; recheck 2) a second examination or verification to assure accuracy, proper functioning, or the like • Etymology: 1950–55, amer …   From formal English to slang

  • gov´ern|a|ble — gov|ern «GUHV uhrn», transitive verb. 1. to rule; control; manage: »The election determined which party would govern the United States for four years. Who, or rather, what new coalition shall next govern France? (Time). SYNONYM(S): direct,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • in|hib´it|a|ble — in|hib|it «ihn HIHB iht», transitive verb. 1. to hold back; hinder or restrain; check: »The girl s honesty inhibited her impulse to keep the ring she found. Insistence on pontificating about national questions…merely serves to inhibit discussion… …   Useful english dictionary

  • re|press´i|ble — re|press «rih PREHS», transitive verb. 1. to prevent from acting; check: »She repressed an impulse to cough. To save his life he could not repress a chuckle (Booth Tarkington). SYNONYM(S): curb, restrain. 2. to keep down; put down; suppress: »The …   Useful english dictionary

  • tem´per|a|ble — tem|per «TEHM puhr», noun, verb. –n. 1. state of mind; disposition; mood: »She has a sweet temper. She was in no temper to be kept waiting. SYNONYM(S): humor. See syn. under disposition. (Cf. ↑disposition) …   Useful english dictionary

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